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Cirriculum Vitae

1998 - 2001 Open college of art and day classes at Leith School

of Art, Edinburgh

2000 One year of part time BA(Hons) Fine Art Newcastle College

2001-2004 BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree University of Northumbria

2005-2007 moved from Northumberland to live in Edinburgh in Scotland and France

2009 Video shown in contemporary opera 'Alice' libretto by Armondo Bergallo Lallanduse and Espace Cultural G.Brassens Leognan Bordeaux

2010 Exhibition of new paintings Studio Peryarnaud

Three videos shown in contemporary opera 'Gulliver' libretto by Armando Bergallo . Espace Cultural G. Brassens Leognan Bordeaux

2011 Exhibition of new paintings studio Peyrarnaud

2011 Three publicity videos in French, English and Spanish for Armando Bergallo

2012 Hercules video for the installation 'Hercule' by Armando Bergallo shown at La Coupole, Saint-Loubes, France

Hercules video shown in Gurvich Museo Montevideo, Uruguay

2013 Exhibition Peyrarnaud, 21st July "To turn or remember' Solo exhibition with music composed by Time Shell

7th September joint exhibition at L'Hotel de Thomazeau rue Petit Paris, Castillones

2015 26th July, Exhibition of paintings, Peyrarnaud 'FROM GOLDEN FIELDS' with music composed by Tim Shell

2016 5th June, Exhibition of new paintings with music by Tim Shell, The Manor House, Moreton, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8RG, UK

About Lesley

The defined seasons and clarity of light here in South West France are a constant inspiration to me.  Painting in quick drying acrylic paint makes it possible for spontaneous layering of colours.  These layers allude to a multitude of meanings, predominantly the continuous and inescapable chain of life, death and rebirth seen in the wonderful landscapes all around us.  The rhythms, colours and spatial ambiguity in the paintings I hope make them much more than transcriptions of appearance.  They are a responce to it, and look far beyond the surface.

I have an exhibition in my home in South West France every two years.  
 If you are  interested in my work, available paintings are listed in my portfolio.  If you have any messages, comments, or enquiries please look under contact for my information.  I will respond as soon as possible.

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